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Welcome to Boon Pet Care



I’m Tashia Ramirez and I'm thrilled to welcome you to Boon Pet Care. As a dog mom myself, I understand the importance of trust and peace of mind when it comes to selecting a caregiver for your furry family members. That's why I'm committed to building strong, lasting relationships with both pets and their owners based on reliability, communication, and mutual respect. My journey in the pet care industry started in 2014. I furthered my education after graduating and found my way into pet care again in 2020. I had the honor to work with Luke and Kerry, the previous owners of Boon. Kerry started a non-profit animal rescue named WestburyCARE in 2014, however, their dog walking adventures and the seed of Boon Pet Care began in 2011 with Lisa Janak of Lisa's Pet care. Boon officially began in June of 2013. We are certified pet caregivers with years of experience that continue to learn, grow, and share our love with all of our furry friends. Seeing those wagging tails and big smiles melt our hearts and brighten our days!

the word boon has a couple of definitions. It means a thing that is helpful or beneficial and also a close or favorite companion.

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