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About Us

Boon Pet Care was started by Kerry Adams and Luke Garbenis. Their deep love for animals of all kinds has been life long. Together they had a green cheeked conure and two dogs. Both dogs were found on the streets of Houston and taken in because they needed homes. Through the rehabilitation of their own strays and foster dogs, they learned to care for dogs with medical, emotional, personality and lack of training needs.  Their dog walking adventure and the seed for Boon Pet Care began in 2011 with Lisa Janak of Lisa's Pet Care. Boon Pet Care officially began in June of 2013.  

Their pet care experience and love of pets has continued to grow over the years. In January of 2014 Kerry started a non-profit animal rescue, Westbury CARE

( In October of 2015 they took over ownership of The Best Little Dog House in Texas- a cage free boarding, daycare, and grooming facility for small dogs under 35 lbs ( They say, spending their days with animals makes for many happy days!  


Boon Pet Care is named after their bird Boon who they had for many years. Like most animals, he had a lot of personality and loved attention!

Besides being their beloved pet, the word boon has a couple of definitions. It means a thing that is helpful or beneficial and it means a close or favorite companion or friend. Boon Pet Care wants to be both beneficial to and a favorite companion of your loved ones.


We at Boon Pet Care, we hope to meet you and your pets soon!

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